Lotus and water lily

Lotus and water lily

A pond is indispensable in an exotic garden. And water lilies are indispensable in the pond! A basic assortment can usually be found in your local garden centre (white, yellow, pink, reddish-pink and various interim shades, dwarf species for shallow ponds and large species for deeper ones).

Tropical water lilies

The colour-spectrum of tropical lilies is much larger; blue, violet and magenta for example. These colours are often more intense, too. In recent years a new trend has emerged; that of succesfully crossing hardy varieties with tropical ones.

De Groene Prins has got it’s hands on some of the first of these crosses!

Nymphaea capensis

This species from South Africa has been used by a Thai nurseryman to cross in blue tones without loss of hardiness. The result must be seen to be believed:

Siam Purple 1

“Siam Purple 1”

“Queen Sirikit”

“Siam Purple 2”

In the years to come we shall take limited amounts of cuttings to produce sale plants. These plants will  remain very exclusive for the time being!


Photo by Jochgum Reitsma

After a number of failed attempts Lotus has finally become established in the garden. In the summer of 2013 a lotus really brightened up the Mediterranean garden! This one comes from Northern China and appears to be fully hardy. The plant is growing quickly in a sunken 60L tub, filled with 80% loam soil.

As the Lotus needs a lot of fertilizer, it’s best not placed in a pond with a balanced ecosystem – that’s the quickest way to turn your pond into a sort of pea-soup. We would recommend a second, seperate pond. And plenty of sun is essential for good growth!

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